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Registration of employers on the national oil and gas talent register


The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) is
established under the Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production (PEDP)
Act of 2013 to monitor and regulate oil and gas activities in the country.

This includes ensuring that petroleum operations in
Uganda are carried out in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and in
line with international best practice for the petroleum industry. The PAU is
required, amongst other obligations, to monitor the participation of Ugandans
in the sector by ensuring that National Content as a statutory requirement is
adhered to.

Employment of Ugandans is among the key National
Content areas spelt out   in   the
regulatory   framework.

Specifically, Regulation 31(1-2) of the Petroleum
(Exploration, Development and Production) National Content Regulations 2016,
requires the Authority to put in place a National Human Capacity Register to
aid the monitoring of human capacity.

The PAU in consultation with key stakeholders,
therefore designed an e-government monitoring system called the National Oil
and Gas Talent Register (NOGTR) where all talent in the oil and gas sector is
encouraged to register. This system was launched on 1st February, 2019 and is
fully functional. Over 1,000 talent and 97 companies have registered on the
system as of 28th May, 2019.The NOGTR is classified into the supply and demand
side users. The supply side users include individuals who meet the eligibility
requirements for the workforce demands of the oil and gas sector and are likely
to be recruited by the demand side users.

The demand side users consist of the International
Oil Companies, contractors, subcontractors, International oil servicing
companies, skills development providers and manpower recruiting agencies. The
demand side also includes all Government entities required to navigate the
system to identify and possibly recruit/ contract qualified engineers,
technicians and other skilled and basic skilled workers across oil and gas
projects. All companies that have registered on the National Supplier Database
(NSD) are automatically entitled to credentials for the NOGTR system.

The PAU hereby invites all companies and Government
entities to post all their jobs on the NOGTR system and also consider
recruiting from the portal to aid in achieving the Authority’s objective of
employing Ugandans in the oil and gas related activities.

The system enables all the potential employers to
access information, search for suitable candidates and extend requests to
qualified candidates to apply for the job openings.

The Authority also requests companies that are
registered on the NSD but have never got their login credentials of the NOGTR
to communicate to the Authority for further assistance.

Registration to the NOGTR is free and the Authority guarantees automatic inclusion of a company that is registered on the NSD.