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  • First competitive licensing round soon

    Government is continuing to make preparations for the first competitive licensing round for acreage in the country’s oil-rich Albertine Graben. Read More

  • Embattled oil waste company leaving Uganda

    Over 1200 people are living in a camp as they await a court decision on whether they can return to the land. Here, an official from ActionAid Uganda is pictured handing over food items to women in the camp in December last year.

    The embattled oil waste management company that has been in the news for its involvement in a land deal gone bad in Hoima that left almost 200 families homeless has decided to cease operations in Uganda. Read More

  • Refinery area complainants accept new offers from government

    An official from the Chief Government Valuer’s office (Center) speaks to residents in Buseruka as SFI’s Director of Programs, Kosea Wamboka (Right) looks on. (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    Some of the refinery affected persons who were contesting the compensation offered by the government for their land and property in the proposed refinery area in Buseruka, Hoima District, have accepted new offers from government. Read More

  • Police intervenes in refinery area women case

    Evelyn Mwambe (Right) and Rogelin Pachudaga (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    Barely a month after Oil in Uganda reported the plight of two women who were abandoned by their husbands after receiving compensation for their land in the refinery area in Hoima, police has intervened and summoned their husbands. Read More

  • Government starts resettlement process of refinery area families

    Junior Energy Minister, Peter Lokeris, addressing some of the refinery area affected persons in Buseruka, Hoima, in December 2014. (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    Government has started preparing to resettle the 93 families that opted to be relocated from the 29 square kilometres of land on which the planned crude oil refinery in Hoima District will be built. Read More

  • Evicted pastoralists returning to Buliisa

    Waiga village is one of the areas that is being claimed by the pastoralists. (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    Some of the pastoralists who were evicted from Buliisa District in 2010 are returning and repossessing the oil-rich lands they were chased from, causing tension amongst locals. Read More

  • Bunyoro MPs are letting their voters down

    The MPs’ statements in the media indicate that they have not been doing their job, of representing their constituents, at least for the past fifteen months that the compensation has been taking place.

    Read More

  • Bunyoro Kingdom in bloody land clashes

    Edgar Kanogoro was injured in the clashes (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    More than 70 houses were burnt and several people injured when violence broke out last week between Bunyoro Kingdom loyalists and inhabitants of Kaseeta Parish, Kabwooya Sub-county in Hoima, over the control of a seven square mile piece of land bordering the proposed refinery area. Read More

  • Compensation breeds another Hoima millionaire

    Gilbert Manyireki leans on his new car. In the background is his commercial building in Nzorobi village. (Photo: F. Mugerwa)

    When forty one-year old Gilbert Manyireki received one hundred and twenty five million shillings in his account, he was overwhelmed by varying emotions. Read More

  • Oil at the centre of land conflicts in the Albertine Region

    Joyce Gaga lost her home in the clashes (Photo: F. Mugerwa).

    HOIMA DISTRICT: 56-year old Joyce Gaga recalls that 21st morning of July when a group of men armed with arrows and pangas stormed her compound in Lenju village as she was preparing her breakfast. Read More