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  • Energy Minister re-affirms government's committment to joining EITI at the EITI annual conference in Sydney, Australia last year. Despite repeated assurances from government, EITI

    EITI still a priority, says government

    Energy Minister, Irene Muloni, re-affirms government’s commitment to joining EITI at the EITI annual conference in Sydney, Australia last year. Despite repeated assurances from government, no progress has been made towards joining the voluntary transparency initiative.

    The Norwegian government has refuted claims that it has withdrawn funding support to facilitate Uganda’s joining the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). Read More

  • Parliament-Of-Uganda

    MPs on America oil study tour

    Nine MPs have just returned from a one-week tour of oil facilities and related  institutions in the United States of America where they learnt about oil sector management and governance. Read More

  • Which way is oil power flowing? (Part 2)

    We bring you more views from other Ugandan thinkers and public figures on how they see oil  influencing the distribution of political power in Uganda.  Read More

  • Uganda flag

    Which way is oil power flowing?

    How is oil impacting on the distribution of political power in Uganda?  Is it empowering local government and communities, or concentrating more power at the centre?  We asked a range of Ugandan thinkers and public figures “What impact is oil having on political and economic relations between the Ugandan state and local administrations and people in oil-bearing areas?”  Below are their answers. More will be published next week.  Read More

  • Gen. Kale Kayihura

    Police Oil Unit gets new Commander

    Gen. Kale Kayihura

    The Inspector General of Police, Gen.Kale Kayihura has appointed Ahmed Waduwa Wafuba, formerly in charge of small and light weapons at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as the new head of the force’s  Oil and Gas Operations Unit. Read More

  • Shura Home Page

    How much does the ordinary Ugandan know, or care about oil?

    Oil in Uganda set out to test the knowledge and interest of a cross section of Ugandans in Kampala and Luwero, seventy kilometers north of the capital, and discovered that more than six years after Uganda confirmed commercially viable oil deposits, Ugandans appear to be as uninformed-and disinterested-about their oil and gas industry, as they were prior to the discoveries. Read More

  • Tumwebaze

    Compensation remains messy, ‘noisy’ NGOs risk closure

    Mr. Tumwebaze (Left) claims he was beaten by security officials in Kabaale Parish and warned to stay away from the area.

    The heated debate at last week’s public dialogue in Kampala to discuss the progress of compensation efforts in the proposed refinery area in Hoima District has shown that the process remains contentious, as government continues to disagree with disgruntled residents, backed by some civil society organisations. Read More

  • Maria-Kiwanuka-at-Oil-Conference-315x210

    Government remains vague on EITI

    Maria Kiwanuka (center) addresses the conference. The event was also attended by Uganda’s Second Deputy Ombudsperson, Mariam Wangadya (left) and The High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Edwards (Right)

    The Oil in Uganda Transparency Conference ended yesterday in Kampala, with government officials remaining hesitant to make a solid commitment to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). Read More

  • Peter-Wandera

    Transparency makes business sense!

    By Peter Wandera

    Globally, we are seeing huge public demand for corporate and government accountability. Demonstrations occur every day in countries across the world to protest corrupt regimes and unethical business practices. With this intensified pressure for accountability and integrity, transparency is in high demand. Read More

  • John-Kufuor-299x250

    Ex Ghana President advises on oil management

    H.E. John Kufuor

    Former Ghana President, John Kufuor, has advised Ugandan leaders to adhere to the principles of good governance if the country’s oil sector is to be sustainably managed.

    H.E. Kufuor was in Uganda last week to take part in activities to commemorate the 90 year anniversary of Makerere University. Read More